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ANICOVERS animates, in a simple yet effective way, any type of visual artwork. We do this because we enjoy it, love art and all its varieties, and so you don't have to. We strongly believe animated art and animated covers – or "anicovers" – are an emerging trend in the creative industry, and we want to help you stay at its forefront. At very least, they look damn cool.

ANICOVERS was launched in 2019 by independent author and entrepreneur Ben Galley. Passionate about visual arts, book cover art, and creating video, Ben decided to learn how to make images move. After developing a taste for animation, he began to share his skills with his fellow authors. ANICOVERS is the evolution of that, and now a service anyone can use to access affordable animation.

If you have any questions or want to get involved with ANICOVERS then please contact us at any time.



What's the process?

You choose how many anicovers you want, complete payment via PayPal, upload your image files, and hey presto! Within 72 hours, you'll have your anicover/s.


What does it cost?

ANICOVERS charges only $85 per cover animation. The more anicovers you order together, the cheaper each one becomes.


What file sizes do you accept?

We like to work with JPG format but can also work with PNG if that's all you have.


What are the file requirements?

You should make sure your images are of a high resolution (500px +) and are less than 2MB.


What can't you animate?

We will always try to work with any artwork we can. Sometimes, complexity or quality can hamper that. In that event we'll let you know, try to work around it, but if not, you get a full refund.


I don't have a PayPal account?

Fear not! You don't need a PayPal account. You can pay via debit card, bank account or credit card if you need to.


I'm unsure about my art. Can I email first?

Absolutely! Send us an email with a link to your artwork and we'll tell you what we can do.


Why does it take 72 hours?

Animation can take time, but so can running a business. Sometimes we'll need time to answer emails. In most cases, your anicovers are delivered faster.


What do you do with my email and details?

Nothing apart from what it takes to provide a good service and get your anicover back to you ASAP.


How do you animate the artwork?

We use a range of different animation apps and programs to get any anicover done. Different projects require different approaches sometimes.

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